Best Cast Award at Film Festival


Yesterday Director Bob Cicchini accepted the "best cast" award for our Coming Up For Air actors at Detroit's I See You Awards. Congratulations to all of our gifted and talented actors for their great work. We congratulate  Deborah StaplesChase Yi, Neil Brookshire, April PaulDavid BendenaKirk WahamakiRay BrazaskiCarrie HitchcockShelley IrwinJacqui Robinson, Doug Mancheski, Kimberly HarschJudy JohnsonDiane Van WesepBill IddingsTorsten JohnsonShannon HuneryagerMark CorkinsEvan Lugo, Olivia Lenhertz, Tom HarrymanChristopher BeamanVon Washington Jr.Foley SchulerLiz Nolan,  Sarah ChapinWill BrysonMickey WallaceJoe Hasper, Susan Carves , Sebastiana Gullo, Michael Stewart, Dick Kimball, Mary JamiesonFilis Slater, Keely Ackerman, Allie Murphy, Colin Deshaw, D.j. Hilson and Tiffany Burns

A complete schedule of upcoming events can be found here. Included here are four sneak previewsWest Michgan sneak previews September 3, 4 and 9 in Muskegon, Portage (Kalamazoo), Grand Rapids, Lansing and Grand Haven at Celebration and Goodrich Theater as well a special event at Fremont's Dogwood Center September 18 and our world premiere in Detroit at the Redford Theater on September 20 with director Bob Cicchini and stars Also set is an Ann Arbor event September 21 at the Quality 16 The film will be released to theaters nationally by our distributor myCinema in late September. Stay tuned for details on screenings in Milwaukee and many other cities. View the trailer here.